Founded in 1950, Beijing Film Academy is the largest institution of higher learning for film and television production in Asia. Its credo is translated as "respecting teachers and esteeming truth, our tradition will pass down from generation to generation."  Among BFA alumni are Zhang Yimou (HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS),

Chan Kaige (FAREWELL, MY CONCUBINE) and Tian Zhuangzhuang



Beijing, China

Jason E. Squire teaching industry professionals at Beijing Film Academy.

His two-day presentation “Inside the Movie Business” was part of

"The International Training Workshop of

TV and Movie Industry Financial Investment."

Participants included chairmen, presidents and directors of

investment and media companies.

Travel featured a visit to The Great Wall at Badaling.

Squire signs the “Wall of Honor” at Beijing Film Academy,

with signatures of alumni and honored guests.


  ©  2021  Jason E. Squire

In December, 2012, Beijing Film Academy appointed Squire the first-ever Visiting Professor in the Management Department, during its 25th Anniversary Celebration.

After his acceptance speech, Squire received official appointment letter

on stage from outgoing Dean Yu Jianhong

and incoming Dean Wu Manfang.

Recent BFA Visiting Professors include Ang Lee and

James Cameron.

Left to right: Dean Yu; BFA Emeritus Professor Huang Shixian; Squire; Dean Wu; BFA Professor LI Ran.

Squire signing the wall of honor for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Beijing Film Academy Management Department. His was the only English signature on the wall.

He was also invited to attend the ceremony establishing the Beijing Film Academy Alumni Association, featuring speeches by administrators, alumni and dignitaries including the mayor of Beijing.

At the dedication of BFA's Executive Development Program (EDP), Squire was honored to present "Movie Business Fundamentals," part of "The International Training Workshop of TV and Movie Industry Financial Investment; TV & Movie Industry and Financial Investor Workshop" to a gathering of executives and investors.

Above: Squire holds his official letters of appointment. To his left is Dean Wu Manfang of the Management Department, to his right is BFA Professor Li Ran along with other BFA faculty members.


Squire went to see LOST IN THAILAND, which was breaking box-office records throughout China, with BFA Management Department Professor Li Ran.



Beijing, China


Beijing, China

In June, Jason E. Squire travelled to Beijing for nearly three weeks

of lectures and strategic meetings.

Squire invited as Guest Speaker in a Q & A with students Raymond Zhou, media and culture columnist, China Daily;

Executive editor-in-chief of China Daily Website, and author of

“A Practical Guide to Chinese Cinema.”

As Visiting Professor in the BFA Management Department,

he presented eight lectures to post-graduate students

“Overview of the Hollywood Industrial System.”


Left to right: BFA Management Department Prof. Li Ran;  Squire; BFA President Hou Guang Ming; Dean Wu Man Fang;

Dean Yu Jian Hong.